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Website Description
Electric Ladyland (Spotify) An absolute classic psychedelic rock album, can't go wrong with listening to it front to back
Trippy City Trippy City is a curated collection of media that goes great with juice boxes, adventures, and good times
Web Amp (Milkdrop 2) Web implementation of one of the best audio players ever made, complete with it's own music
Wobbly Paint Unless your inner artist in this neat simple painting game
Jackson Pollock Paint like Jackson Pollock but without making a mess in your apartment
Biomes A simple noise based biome generator
Gravity Smash cosmic objects together and learn a little bit about gravity
Marble Watch the marble react to you mashing your mouse
Theremix Play one of the neatest synthetic instruments
Photomosh Manipulate your webcam or images in a simple fun way
Electric Flower Look at the pretty electric flower as it moves and morphs
Enough Experience a picture book from the future
Zoom Quilt Never ending zooming art
Breath Stare into static and maybe if you're fucked up enough, it might just stare back at ya
Wedge Tree Unsure of what it's supposed to be but it changes colors like a mother fucker
Glitch Woaah dudeeeeee so trippy and so glitchy dudeeeee
Staggering Beauty Shake the worm VIGOROUSLY (warning, it's loud)
Powder Toy Particle simulation sandbox
Finding Home Explore a cool generating world while listening to Awake by Tycho
Macro Gomez Water Neat water simulation that has a built in song it'll interact with
Cat Bounce Toss the cats up and watch them bounce with glee
Vortex Spheres It's like watching old faithful go off but it never stops and looks cooler
Spirograph Another weird art toy that makes art with patterns
Draw A Mandala Draw a mandala that's the title
Draw A 3D Mandala Draw a 3D mandala that's the title
Fluid Particles Fill up a box with boxes then watch those boxes turn into cool fluid particles
No Paint Press yes if you like what you see, no if you don't
Bongo Cat Be bongo cat, playing his bongos and other instruments
NoIfYes Illusion of watching gradients move, click to change the color (websites name doesn't do it justice)
Ball and Water Physics demonstration. move around, drag the ball, ripple the water
Fidget Spinner Virtual fidget spinner with a color changing background
Blank Windows Bunch of blank white windows that you can click on
Butter Churn Viz Cool music visualizer that takes input from your mic
Unmandel Boxing Never ending fractal zoom (wow!) (kinda looks like shit on a hidpi screen) Click around and explore the odd ASCII world
Biomes A simple noise based biome generator
Aesthetic. Create cool sharable aesthetic artwork
Plink Make music with strangers online
The Mars Voyage Generates mosaics based on images from mars
Flame Generator 3D fractal flames generated by typing letters
Weavesilk Interactive generative art maker
100,000 Stars Stroll through the universe
Ribbons Experimental ambient generative ribbon art
Cross Divisions Divisions of black and color cross, click to change the color A collection of trippy media (Pictures, videos, music, and etc)
Mars for the Rich Infinite rat shooter featuring music from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Difeq Generate patterns generated with mathematic functions
Canopy A cool zooming fractal experience featuring plant life
Pixels Fighting 2 colors of pixels duke it out
Sandbox Art Generator It's a sandbox art generator, create beautiful galaxies
OMFG dogs this one is stricty for the dog fans
Anatomy Of a Tortoise A quarky look into the body of the tortoise
Drawing Garden Create a garden while also creating music
Zoom Quilt 2 Everyones favorite zooming art site gets a darker sequel
Vector Stream It's called vector stream
Bouncing dvd logo It's a bouncing dvd logo, where will it bounce to next?
ToneCraft A unique take on music creation (absolutely doesn't work on mobile)
Cosmic Symbolism A never ending cosmic zooming experience (click and drag for speed)
Track Go down the track and listen to a song from the electric music genre
Empty Vessel Outline of a women blends with a moving rainbow overlay in order to make beauty
Smog Smog generates on your screen and can be manipulated with your mouse (has audio)
Passport Just click it dude it's pretty neat, how bout you try coming up with over 50 descriptions of sites
Sandwave It's like someone threw psychedelic sand in your eyes
Plains II The successor to plains I, click it to make the grass do different things
Toys from Trash Tons of novel experiments that you can do with stuff you already own
Mana Moana A unique digital art exhibit showcasing indigenous artwork
Psychedelic Waves Watch relaxing waves of psychedelic colors morph and twist
The Wilderness Downtown Cool interactive music video that takes you back home, Make sure to allow popups for it to work correctly
4DVJ (Hypercube) Projections of 4D geometry
Bitch City For now it's just a beautiful pixely stary sky to gaze at in wonder
Trip Toys for Me Wait a minute...
Random Trip Toys for Me Links Took the idea of the uselessweb and just replaced the list of sites in the javascript with the sites from this site
The Useless Web Similar concept to this website, done through a button that sends you to random websites. (I've found many cool sites through it)

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