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Springtime Sensations
Website Description
YesNoIf Illusion of creating fractures in the sky, click to create the fractures (websites name doesn't do it justice)
Fluid Paint Paint beautiful pictures with ease and grace
Cat Therapy Practice harm reduction by looking at cute pictures of cats
City of Drones First-person flight through an atmospheric, abstract city
Circle by Psilly Cool trippy zoom to enjoy, just hold down left mouse to proceed
Neave Website shortcut to multiple different toys (strobe illusion is a personal favorite)
Realtime Gifs Check out these real time gifs, click to move on to the next realtime gif experience
141 Optical Illusions 141 cool optical illusions that are cool
Hop Along No music falling orb visualizer
Fractal Machine Generate cool moving, shifting, and colored fractals!
Kaleidoscope The quintessential trip toy, a certified classic®
Interactive Spiral Art Badass spiral visualizer, Created by Chris Shier (super mobile friendly)
Chris Shier Artwork A collection of trippy artwork from Chris Shier
Summer Psychedelic Experiences
Website Description
A Way to Go Follow a weird little white guy around a forest in this interactive experience
Gradient Forest Explore a relaxing gradient forest (has it's own music)
Smash the Walls Smash the walls to see even more walls
Spiral Art Generator Sick spiral art generator, a cool one is 3|9|9|40|0.7|115|108|0.3|3|
Recursion Toy Make cool recursive artwork with ease!
Rome Sick interative music video, nothing to do with ancient Rome (a staff favorite)
Orb Trails Watch orb trails spin around and around and around
Eutow Explore the artwork of Archan Nair (super mobile friendly)
Wobbly Paint Unless your inner artist in this neat simple painting game
Arkadia Never ending psychedelic forest
New Rafael A collection of websites that are beautiful and trippy, all made by artist Rafaƫl Rozendaal
Starfield Stare into the stars long enough and a bunch of pretty stars will fly by
Psychedelic Waves Watch relaxing waves of psychedelic colors morph and twist
Fantastic Fall Treats
Website Description
Noisedeck Create incredible psychedelic gifs with a single click, here's an example Click here to see the example
Colorful Balls Colorful balls that follow your mouse (enable fullscreen for best effect)
Another Particle Visualizer A bunch of different particle experiments to play around with
Falling Falling Falling visualizer
Imagination Flail your mouse around and take in the beautiful waves of color
Starrior Intergalactic Experience an intergalactic jump
Fluid Simulator Colorful physics demonstration of fluid
Spin Art Make cool spin art in psychedelic colors
Task Unrelated 2 different optical illusions, try to look at one with each eye
Iridescent Puddle Interact with paint-like soundwaves
NoIfYes Illusion of watching gradients move, click to change the color (websites name doesn't do it justice)
Vector Field It's like 2 waves crashing into each other but it's a vector field, math sure is fun
Jelly Play super mario bros but it feels like you're in jelly
Winter Wonterland Party Funtime
Website Description
Noclip No clip through all your favorite game levels
Across The Universe Get blasted across the universe in about 3 minutes (Probably doesn't work on mobile)
Track Go down the track and listen to a song from the electric music genre
Objects Get dizzy almost instantly by clicking this link
Shr00m FM Psychedelic internet radio with sick visuals
Move Now Think Later 2 ai checkers players duke it out to the bitter end
First Person Tetris Tetris for the nes with a twist
Windows 1993 Play around with a recreation of windows 93 whatever that is (I use linux btw)
This nothing is actually something A cool explorable musical experience, explore with your arrow keys
808303 Studio Mess around with the sounds from the original TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesiser
360° Van Gogh Painting Look around what I, creator of trip toys for me, believe is a mishmash of van gogh paintings
Polygons Spin around your mouse to make the polygon layer upon itself
Rock Paper Scissors The classic game that you have a 1/3 chance of winning everytime
Images, Videos, and Harm Reduction Resources ("Just say No" - D.A.R.E.)
3D Gifs 3D hand drawn stereographic .gifs (minorly spooky)
Trippy Images Bunch of trippy images
Standard Wallpapers Just a bunch of wallpapers to stare at
24 Minutes of the McCollough Effect Watch at your own risk A very cool phenomenon of human visual perspective, things will look different. Big shoutout to discord for this one.
Mandelbrot Set Zooms A small playlist of the finest mandelbrot set zooms
Project M Music Visualizer A easy to use music visualizer that supports all major platforms
Psychonautwiki If you're on a psychedelic you probably already know what this is
TripSafe Nice resource to introduce you to the world of psychedelics, LSD and Mushrooms in particular. Has a sister site called for mdma.
Tripsit Another resource for all things drugs, complete with chat rooms and a drug combo safety chart

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